Puppy School

Getting you and your best friend off on the right paw

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When? Saturday mornings! Puppy school courses run for 4 weeks and run for an hour and a half each lesson.
Where? Here at Paws Galore!
We have a dedicated undercover outdoor area set up for Puppy School.
How much? The entire course including a puppy pack and a certificate of graduation is only $90!
Congratulations on your new puppy!
Having a new four legged family member in the family is SO exciting! They brighten up your life with their sweet faces and mischievous ways... BUT... those mischievous ways can soon lead to a disaster if left unmanaged. At Paws Galore, we believe the best way to start off on the right paw with your new family member is to attend one of our puppy school courses.

Our puppy school is run by a fully qualified Delta Accredited and Professional Dog Trainer from Fleurieu Education for Dogs and Owners Di Oakley... your puppies training and development could not be in safer hands! Click this link to find out more. 

Di encourages the use of positive reinforcement, with no harsh methods, making for a happier & more confident puppy. She also specialises in behavioural modification training for aggression and other common problems. 

There are 5 main areas we cover in puppy school
Basic commands
Management of bad habits
Introducing and conditioning your puppy to unusual environments and objects

Why is puppy school so important? 
puppy school is not just about other puppies and socialisation. Our puppy school will help condition your puppy to new and usual things. 

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